Do your days consist of charting your  basal body temperature, your last period, or any symptoms that may be a sign that this may just be your month to get pregnant? Or maybe you're counting the days until you can start your stim injections for IVF.  I  understand the feeling of being surround by pregnant friends and family, as you sit at yet another baby shower. You try to hide your sadness behind that smile because you so desperately want your own baby. Oh sweet friend, I totally get it. Have you spent hours researching ways to help you get pregnant? I want to give you inspiration to continue to be bold and fight for your dream of growing your family. I want to help you improve your nutritional, physical, and spiritual health--all which have a big impact in helping you achieve your dreams of growing your family.  I will  share my personal infertility experiences, while also providing research based information to help you reach your goal of having a healthy baby.

While working with me one-on-one, you will learn: 

-What foods have a positive impact on male and female infertility

-Key lifestyle factors to support your fertility

-How to reduce your risk to environmental toxins

-Specific recommendations on supplements that may be beneficial for you and your spouse

-How to make a  meal plan that is tailored to your specific needs

-How physical activity effects fertility and ways to incorporate into your life

-My "must-haves" that helped  me through our infertility journey

-How to balance your blood sugars throughout the day, if needed

What does working with me look like?

-You will receive an 7 day meal plan to optimize your fertility

-I offer 3 and 6 months programs


-An initial 60 minute session via video conference or phone where we dive deep into your and your spouse's medical/fertility history and make goals to improve your fertility

-30 minute virtual monthly follow-ups via video conference or phone calls where we evaluate your goals and work towards new goals to improve your fertility. I will educate you on additional areas for us to concentrate on that are individualized and will help you set and  meet our goals!

-Bi-weekly check-ins via email where you can ask questions, fill me in with your cycles, your lifestyle changes, etc. I will make recommendations and set new goals as needed.

-as an infertility warrior, I understand the need for support as you go on this difficult journey-so absolutely you will be receiving emotional support along the way!

What does it cost to work with me?

I currently accept Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield and UnitedHealthcare insurances and also have a cash self-pay discount rate! 

Self-pay Rate:

3 month program: $399

6 month program: $769

Add-on Follow Up Sessions: 30-45 minutes $75

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"I loved this program! It kept me accountable for what foods I ate and what vitamins to take. I actually found out two weeks ago that I am pregnant!"

Katie, fertility client

" Your patience was evident. You stretched my cooking skills. Most importantly, you established a relationship with us. Your lovely laugh and humor made each and every conversation something that we looked forward to."

Critt, one-on-one consulting

" I've learned a lot of information that I didn't know. Especially about foods and vitamins."

Charmell,  fertility client

"Officially found out I'm newly pregnant. Thank you for some resources and that verse you sent. I read it often."

Amy, IG follower

"I can't believe I am now pregnant! I truly believe this will help many, many woman in their journey." 

Jenny, fertility client