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IVF Day 7 and 4 Things I Can Control

Phew...what a week. When it rains it pours right?! Of course this week of going through IVF, car breaks down and life is just hectic or seems more hectic than usual. Me and Justin have been attending a marriage class at church on Tuesday nights and this week we couldn't make it because of having to pick my car up after work from the shop. Wednesday there was a worship night at church that I was really wanting to attend, but I think the devil got the best of me and I didn't end up going. Thankfully our church has incredible IT volunteers and it was recorded. Gosh this was just what I needed last night and today as I felt my life was crumbling and I was exhausted. I'd love for you to check it out:

I added Cetrotide to my injection list night, along with Gonal F and Menopur. This time going through IVF I'm going longer without an ultrasound. I feel those ovaries down there being stimulated forsure, so I know the meds are doing something! I got tomorrow (which will Be day 8) for blood work again and my first ultrasound since day 1. My mind has been wondering how many follicles will I have? How many eggs? How many will fertilize? How many embryos will grow? I know this is all out of my control. Every. Single. Question. There are 4 things that I feel I do have control of right now:

1) waking up every day and choosing to a) Trust God or b) to not Trust God. Those are my 2 options. And I have to consciously remind myself of this several times throughout the day

2) take my medications as instructed

3) try to reduce stress as much as possible. For me this is through exercise. I've been walking every day, doing yoga, or doing Piyo. Below is a link to my chosen yoga for today. I love, love, love Yoga by Adriene. If you've never checked her out on YouTube, you should. Even if you aren't into yoga---I wasn't really either until I realized how much it help worth stress and flexibility!

And here is a link to Chalene Johnson's Piyo:

I've also recently got "into" meditation. I have been trying to do a short, 5-20 minute meditation right after reading my daily devotions before I even plant my feet on the ground in the morning.

And lastly #4) I choose how I fuel my body with good nutrition. I've been trying not to give into those stress cravings, but today I did make these delicious "healthy" chocolate chip cookie:

I've been focusing on those foods rich in protein and power packing with vegetables. Today for lunch I had leftovers from last night--grilled salmon, green beans, carrots and blackberries.

Leftovers for lunch from last night's supper..salmon, roasted carrots, and green beans

I'm going to keep my focus on these 4 things and pray, pray, pray!

Love and baby blessings ❤️

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