• Andrea Kohlmeyer

Mother's Day and the Last Beach Vacation

As I walk along the beach for my daily workout (much better view than a video workout at home!) on our vacation in Fort Walton, FL I am reminded of the last time we were at a beach 10 months ago. This is when I miscarried our precious baby. I had found out the Friday before, the day before we left for our family vacation to Orange Beach that the baby’s heartbeat had stopped. Instead of sharing the news of us being pregnant with my family, we shared the experience together of a miscarriage on the 4th day of our vacation. I am so thankful to be walking along the ocean with a popped belly and being 29 weeks pregnant with our precious baby this vacation. We wanted to take one last vacation and be able to spoil Grady to the core and soak up every second we could as a family of 3 before baby comes in the next few weeks. At home, Justin and I are often running different directions. He is always working on something around the house when he is home and I am trying to keep Grady out of his tools and from eating sawdust and dirt. It is the best being able to spend this time together, just us 3 with no "to-do lists".

This Sunday is Mother’s Day and this is always a day that weighs heavy on my heart. It brings me to tears thinking about the pain I had several Mother’s Days in a row. Sitting in those church pews listening to the joys and difficulties of being a mother, seeing commercials and advertisements everywhere about being a mother, etc. I will never forget that heartache of longing to be a mother and I pray for those reading this who are going through this infertility journey right now. I pray that God comforts you and wraps his loving arms around you this Mother’s Day. I pray you can change the focus on being thankful for all of those Mother figures in your life and who you strive to be like one day, as you raise your little one. I pray that God brings healing to your and/or your husbands body so you are able to have your own bundle of joy this time next year. I pray you lean into your husband today and that your husband gives you extra hugs as you both struggle through today and the upcoming Father’s Day. Continue to push on as you travel down this road and remember that there is something incredible in store for you—better than you can ever imagine!  Remember God is madly in love with you. Take a listen-- Hillsong United, Good Grace:

Love and baby blessings <3

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