• Andrea Kohlmeyer

Post Egg Retrieval Day 1

We had our egg retrieval yesterday morning where they retrieved 28 eggs! I will get a call today to see how many were mature and how many fertilized and then in 6 days I will find out how many frozen embryos we have! My doctor was spot on last time when we went through IVF saying that about 70% if eggs are mature and 70% of those mature eggs will fertilize. Hands down, this waiting period is tougher for me than the 2 week wait to find out if a transfer worked. So my plan is focus on doing something nice for someone every day until then (ex: help a friend with organizing her new house, make a meal for a friend's dad who is going through cancer treatments, or just writing a nice note to my husband). I've done this before for a 2 week wait to find out if we were pregnant and it really did help take my focus off the wait time!

I've gained 7 pounds since stating IVF stims 12 days ago, so I am going to focus on hydrating to help prevent ovarian hyper stimulation. I am also going to limit my salt intake by roasting veggies tonight for supper with spaghetti squash and chicken breast. I haven't been able to exercise for the past 3 days due to my ovaries being so swollen and then surgery yesterday, so today I'm going to do some light yoga to get my body moving again.

Love and baby blessings ❤️

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