• Andrea Kohlmeyer

Supporting a Healthy Lining and Improving Chances of Implantation

I know when I was going through IVF and preparing for our embryo transfers, I would do anything I could to increase my chances of that little miracle embryo implanting. I didn't put as much thought into the importance of an embryo implanting prior to going through IVF. However, having a thick and healthy lining for your future miracle baby to "stick" to is important, no matter how you are conceiving.

Here are some tips to help improve your chances:

1) Eat foods that support fertility, hormone balance, a healthy gut, and therefore a welcoming lining. Some of my favorites are avocado, wild salmon, pasture raised eggs, walnuts, kale, spinach, broccoli, yogurt, and sauerkraut.

2) Trying to consume most of your necessary nutrients through food is key. However, having a good quality prenatal vitamin is crucial. Prior to doing my own research, I just took the prenatal vitamin that my insurance covered. Now, I know the importance of the investment in taking a good quality prenatal vitamin--to make sure my body has nutrient stores to get pregnant, maintain a healthy pregnancy, to improve the health of the baby as he or she grows inside the womb, but also into their ADULTHOOD (#epigenetics),  to help my body recover postpartum, as well as when breastfeeding. Thank you to Full Circle Prenatal! Here is a link (this is an affiliate link and if you decide to use Full Circle and purchase through here, I will receive a commission):

3) Raise your heart rate with some type of exercise you enjoy, most days of the week. If you currently aren't doing any physical activity, find something you enjoy and start at 2 days a week--increasing from there. Physical activity (note: not in excess!) not only helps reduce insulin resistance, reduce cortisol levels, helps with blood flow (also blood flow to your uterus, which helps with implantation!), and improves your overall health, but once you do become pregnant, your physical activity helps your baby have a healthy heart!

4) TRY to reduce stress. I know going through infertility  you may hear, "stop worrying, and you'll get pregnant" or "stop stressing about it and it will happen". This was nails on a chalkboard to me when we were struggling. But finding at least  one way to help you reduce your stress is important, not only for fertility, but for any area of your life! Even now, as as a mom of 2, I use what I learned while going through infertility to reduce my stress. One way is to start my day reading a devotion and being in the Bible. Another way is through yoga. I truly do enjoy exercising (most days!) but yoga was fairly new to me and I learned to love it while going through infertility. There is something about doing yoga outside, first thing in the morning that is just puts me in a happy place

5) And lastly, take a deep breath. You may be doing everything possible to increase your chances of getting pregnant, and it still may not be happening. While we can make all of the changes in the world, sometimes it is just not our time yet. Remember, God does have an incredible plan for you. Keep focusing on improving your health, if you feel there are still adjustments to be  made, but don't beat yourself up. Praise God for all you do have and that He will help guide you and comfort you while  you continue on your journey to get pregnant. 

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