• Andrea Kohlmeyer

The 2WW and Trying to Control

The dreaded 2 week wait is almost over for this girl. Since we transferred a 5 day old blastocyst babe, we are able to find out 9 days from day of transfer whether we are pregnant or not. I'm a typical girl who likes to look to Dr. Google STILL during this 2WW, even though this is my 5th time going through the IVF 2WW. You get the same articles/forums with recommendations ranging from bedrest during this time, no sexual intercourse, to eating only warm foods and wearing warm clothes. This fear of only doing xyz and making sure you eat abc is of this world. Ultimately if that precious embryo is going to implant and make a sweet precious baby, it's going to. If it's God's plan to grow your family, it's God's plan and nothing can get on His way. Of course take care of yourself, treat your self as if you were pregnant and listening to your body are extremely important. But I don't think God intended this 2WW to be scary or full of rules. So sweet sister, put down that phone and stop looking up what you should and shouldn't be doing to improve your chances of getting pregnant. Snuggle up to that husband of yours and spend some good quality time together, something FUN! Go see a movie, go out to eat, play a board game or video game or go hiking. Get out, live, love and have fun doing all while praying that God grants your the desires of your heart this go around.

Love and baby blessings ❤️

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