• Andrea Kohlmeyer

While you are still waiting for that positive pregnancy test

Waiting for that positive pregnancy test, month after month, is just down right HARD. Each month can feel like a century as you look back wondering if you charted your temperature correctly or if the ovulation test was accurate. You question whether you could be doing anything different to improve your chances of becoming pregnant--maybe I need to exercise more...or maybe less. Maybe I am eating too much fat...or not enough. Should I go gluten free? Did I take the Clomid as prescribed? Did we miss our "window of opportunity" this month? You may be giving your husband the stink eye every time he misses a gym day or eats an extra helping of the mashed potatoes because maybe, just maybe that is THE reason you aren't getting pregnant. Take a deep breath and think about your overall lifestyle. If you are doing the best you can 80% of the time with trying to exercise, eating healthy, controlling blood sugars, limiting stress, etc, etc...pat your self on the back! Perfection is not the goal nor is living the "perfect" lifestyle going to get you that positive pregnancy test. Aim for 80%!

Preconception planning and trying to improve your lifestyle is so vital for not only the mama-to-be but also the baby. One of the highest epigenetic imprinting periods of time is 3-4 months prior to conceiving. Diet and lifestyle have a significant impact on the rate of chromosomal abnormalities and often times effects which genes are expressed. What you do 3-4 months prior to you becoming pregnant can impact your chances of conceiving and delivering a healthy, full-term baby as well as that precious little baby's chance of chronic disease and overall health through adulthood. So while being in the wait seems like you are just twiddling your thumbs--you are playing a crucial role in your baby's future life as you are working on getting adequate nutrition, reducing stress, and staying physically active. But ultimately this is all in Gods hands. But choosing to improve your health won't hurt. So while you're in the wait:

1) Keep taking that prenatal daily

2) Keep enjoying some type of physical activity most days of the week

3) This one is hard, but try to limit stress as much as possible (think fun, adventurous date with the hubby...or a bubble bath?!)

4) Try to avoid environmental toxins as much as possible

5) Breathe

6) Be grateful for all of the blessings you do have in your life

7) Lastly, and most importantly, remember God has your back. He doesn't need any of the above to perform a miracle. I mean Baby Jesus was conceived without even having intercourse!! So, trust in God that he has the PERFECT plan for you.

Love and baby blessings,


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